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Status: Alive
Guild: Trader
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: alterer, merchant

Cinen paints custom portraits and owns Eternal Moments.


You see Painter Cinen, a Human Trader.
Cinen has a square-jawed face, gold-flecked ale-brown eyes and an aquiline nose. His red hair is short and thick, and is worn slicked back away from his face. He has fair skin and a wiry build.
He is middle-aged for a Human.
He has a scruffy growth of stubble on his face.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a slender platinum necklace strung with glossy black pearls, a dark blue spidersilk cloak stained with paint spatters, a dark spidersilk backpack shadow-embroidered with a multitude of crystals, a pale blue velvet tunic marred with several paint stains, a pair of black leather leggings covered with flecks of dry paint and a pair of dark blue leather boots with small silver toe-caps.