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Status: Alive
Guild: Empath
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Zoluren
Relatives: Beltina

Former Khalo Rae Moda of Zoluren.

He was responsible for performing an unknown Empath ritual via the Crossing Temple orb that aided in the destruction of Lyras. As a result of the incident, he lost his empathy and is unable to restore it by normal means (the shock quest). The guild has retired him to the country, where it is rumored that he is in very ill health. His replacement as Moda is Constanze.


You see Khalo rae Moda Eksharo Telah'nohr, a Human Empath.
Piercing blue-grey eyes gaze from beneath prodigious, bushy eyebrows, his pale face deeply creased with wrinkles. A few tenacious, snow-white hairs cling to his shiny pate, but he is otherwise bald. His lips are quite thin, giving him a look of perpetual distaste or dissatisfaction. His mottled skin hangs off his lean frame, suggesting that he was once a much heavier man.
He would be average height for a human if not for a slight stoop.
He looks physically healthy, but very, very old.
He is in good shape.

He is holding an elegant ironwood cane in his right hand.
He is wearing a pair of soft-soled shoes, a simple leather belt, a heavy gold signet ring bearing a complex crest, a box-pleated robe of soft undyed ecru wool, a deeply cowled cloak of undyed brown wool lined with fine grey silk, a leather carrier and a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles.

You see Khalo rae Moda Eksharo Telah'nohr, a Human Empath.
Eksharo has blue-grey eyes. He has thinning snow-white hair, with rosy skin and a portly build.
He is wizened for a Human.

He is wearing a gold-rimmed monocle, a leather carrier, a grey wool vest, a stark white shirt, a diamond-cut gold fob with an onyx clasp, some crisply pressed pants and a pair of black boots.