Elderly attendant

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Elderly attendant
Status: Alive
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Mer'Kresh (Ranik Map 107)

This attendant in the Mer'kresh Warrior Mage Guildhall activates the training constructs.


The attendant is an elderly Human Warrior Mage dressed in a long, dark blue velvet hac loosely gathered at the waist with a golden mesh belt. Despite the mess in the target room, he is immaculately groomed, with not a spot of soot nor singe upon him. His green eyes are crinkled with humor, and he endures the good-natured teasing of his fellows about his bald pate with a smile.



The attendant glances at you and says, "Constructs are targets made out of elemental magic, their sole purpose being to provide you with something to shoot at.  There are six levels of constructs, each with their own skills.  Where one mage may find an intermediate construct easy to hit, another would be unable to come near it with her spells.  The costs for the constructs vary.  They are:

    Easy - 20 lirums
    Moderate - 50 lirums
    Intermediate - 100 lirums
    Hard - 600 lirums
    Advanced - 1000 lirums
    Impossible - 1500 lirums

If you want a construct, you will need to ORDER one.  If you don't have the coin with you, the amount will be added to your debt.  Unless you already owe too much already, in which case you'll need to pay that off first."