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From Shard History by Silvyrlock

During Alec's time, he confirmed and supported a group of Humans who moved to his region, a mixture of Rangers and rogue Paladins who named themselves "Shadow Clan". Gruff and unforgiving, the clan is the only thing that keeps at bay the Black Hand and the horrors it contains.

From Historian Zelka, building upon the work of Zuebara Pulan in the book The Human Clans

After the end of the wars that overthrew the Dragon Priest Empire, Ferdahl Alec of Shard was left with the threat coming from the remaining and overwhelming taint from their experiments and magics that blighted the lands and the creatures to the south of the city.

In response to this, as the situation was far too much for his city's forces to address alone, the Ferdahl called for volunteers to help wage a proactive mission to contain and, hopefully, beat back the corruption. The Humans who stepped forward to answer this call to arms became known as Shadow Clan. Primarily rangers and paladins, these fighters had come from the other Human Clans, as well as some Humans who had been born and raised within the more cosmopolitan settlements, and others who had once called the lands south of Shard their home.

This band of fighters, men and women both, banded together and took on their mission with such unrelenting dedication that even the Emerald Knights (those others who heard the Ferdahl's call and fight the Dark Hand upon Corik's Wall) have remarked upon it, and so it remains to this day. The Humans of Shadow Clan live entirely within the Dark Hand itself, where every moment of their existence is a struggle to live and to fight the land around them and the creatures within it. Shadow Clan members are rarely seen in the Five Provinces, even Ilithi, due to their singleminded focus on their fight.

Mural Sold by Terald During Original Theren Fest

a large canvas mural

Price: 21345 Lirums
Five rugged plate-clad Humans surround and battle an enormous scaled twelve-legged green monster by working in unison to confuse it. The beast has several arrows imbedded in its bulging red eyes, the result of three more Humans that stand further away, aiming their longbows carefully around their comrades. The creature is losing strength and vitality, as indicated by its collapsed hind legs, while the Humans have nary a fresh scratch on them.
A large canvas mural reads:
The Shadow Clan

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