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Gobble allows Gor'Togs to scarf down food in a variety of ways. Special messaging exists for other races as well.


You see: Your mind drifts to thoughts of food and you begin to drool, thinking of all of the wonderful things to gobble.
Others see: <Gor'Tog>'s eyes go dreamy and s/he begins to drool.

GOBBLE <self>
You see: ??
Others see: <Gor'Tog> noisily licks (his/her) chops.

GOBBLE <Player>
You see: You gaze hungrily at <Player>, and for a brief moment, s/he seems to take on the image of a roasted haunch of savory, dripping meat.
Others see: <Gor'Tog> looks at you, mouth parting slightly and a strand of saliva forming on his/her lip. Maybe you should be nervous?

GOBBLE <GameMaster>
You see: BAD 'Tog! Bad, bad 'Tog!
Others see: ??

GOBBLE <food item>
You see: ??
Others see: <Gor'Tog> messily gobbles down <food item>.

GOBBLE <non-food item>
You see: ??
Others see: ??

Other Races

GOBBLE <person> (if DWARF)
You see: ??
Others see: <Dwarf> sighs and pats (his/her) belly with regret.

GOBBLE <person> (if ELF)
You see: Gobble? You? The thought fills your stomach with nausea.
Others see: A nauseated pallor slowly suffuses <Elf>'s face from neck to ear-tips.

GOBBLE <person> (if ELOTHEAN)
You see: Gobble? Heavens no. How dreadfully uncivilized.
Others see: <Elothean> frowns in distaste.

GOBBLE <person> (if HALFLING)
You see: ??
Others see: <Halfling> sniffs disdainfully and dry-washes his/her hands.

GOBBLE <person> (if HUMAN)
You see: You consider gobbling it down, but decide against it, gagging.
Others see: <Elothean> looks faintly uncomfortable, as if gagging on something.

GOBBLE <person> (if KALDAR)
You see: ??
Others see: An expression of pride crosses <Kaldar>'s face.

GOBBLE <person> (if PRYDAEN)
You see: Gobbling takes far too much energy.
Others see: <Prydaen>'s mouth stretches open wide in a broad yawn.

GOBBLE <person> (if RAKASH)
You see: You snort at the idea of gobbling that down.
Others see: <Human> snorts and folds her arms across her chest with disdain.

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