Ulhari prism

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Ulhari prism at a Glance
Material Type Gems
Colors Brown, Purple, Gold
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance
Required for Alterations Yes

The first, and largest known, sources of these unusual and highly sought after gems are the mines of the Turmar family of Zoluren noblity, and it is from them that the ulhari prism gets its name. It is said that upon seeing the first samples of the stone, Veahmic Turmar, the long standing leader of the House, exclaimed that the sharpness, quickly changing nature and extreme beauty of the gem could be rivaled only by his wife Ulhari. As none of the Traders who did business with the Turmar family during this time wished to jeopardize their contracts by seeming to disagree, what was once an analogy became the gem's common name.

Ulhari prisms are very rare, extremely hard, opaque stones, approaching a diamond's strength and ability to hold a sharp edge. They are a gorgeous display of dichroism – the shifting of colors as light plays across certain crystalline structures within the gem, causing them to seem to dance and morph with but the slightest rotation. In the case of the ulhari prism, it appears as a warm, golden brown reminiscent of clover honey when looked upon directly, shifting to flashes of brilliant lilac-tinged purple when viewed from different angles. This characteristic is often emphasized by elaborate faceting, causing both the golden brown and the lilac hues to be visible at all times, flashing and shifting as light plays across the gem. Although rare all by themselves, any ulhari prism larger than what is generally deemed to be 'tiny' or 'small' is notably more unusual, and goes for extremely large sums of money due to this.

Introduced at Hollow Eve 410.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRarity is
Chiffon butterfly wing mask hued in pastelsAerial Artistry
Corseted gown of spun glitter displaying ulhari prismsDamsel In This Dress (3)
Dark iron belt knife set with a tiny ulhari prism in the pommel's centerAbandoned Dragon (2)
Delicate icesteel wedding band inlaid with tiny faceted ulhari prismsNatural Beauty (4)festival
Delicate sungold calling card dispenser boasting a huge ulhari prismHollow Eve Festival 425/Auction
Elaborate off-the-shoulder gown of thistle-hued satin layered with beaded laceNatural Beauty (1)
Item:Elaborate off-the-shoulder gown of thistle-hued satin layered with beaded lace
Loose violet spun glitter shirt trimmed in blackberry silkFashionable Panda (2)
Miniature bushy Vela'tohr plant protected by dozens of slender mistglass vinesSiegery Shop (4)Siegery Shop (3)Siegery Shop (2)
Series of tiny tyrium hairpins tipped with ulhari prism honeywort flowersTildi's Blooms (4)
... further results

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