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Ambika Seordmaor
Status: Alive
Guild: Thief
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Type: merchant, alterer
Associates: Silvyr

Ambika Seordmaor is a human merchant and alterer exclusively to members of the Thief Guild. There is a book about her in the Crossing's Thief Guild titled Ambika's Story.

In the past, she has sold bandoliers stolen from another merchant, Silvyr Darkwinge.


You see Ambika Seordmaor, a Human.
She has cat-slitted amber eyes, long thick blue-black with a white streak running through it hair that is loose, and dark skin.
She is middle-aged for a Human.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a midnight black velvet tunic edged with glimmering sapphire-knotted thread, some gracefully draped trousers of night-dark silk, some heavy silver armbands set with dragon's eye rubies, a smoky crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord, some sable cuffed leather boots trimmed in silver with a pattern of interlocking thorns and roses, a yew crossbow inlaid in black amber with a pattern of falling stars, a shadowy black tool belt, a reaver-hide pouch and a star-eyed nightingale charm.

Non-Thieves using Ambika Items

Posted by GM Jovah, 22 June 2001 on the boards

There seem to be some misconceptions floating around about one Ambika Seordmaor. I've a passing acquaintance with the lady so thought perhaps it might be time to clarify a couple of points.

She is a thief-only merchant, with her specialty being bows - primarily crossbows, though she does make others on occasion. She also makes bladed weapons with an eye to the particular needs of the shadowy clan she serves.

Her goods are not meant for non-thieves - not her bows, not her blades, not the items she does customized work on - nothing. If she chooses to do custom work on any item, it is for thieves only. She does not believe that this is a difficult point to comprehend.

She reserves the right to permanently ban guild members who attempt to exploit her work from ever purchasing or owning her work again, as well as to exact her pleasure and discretion.

When just a youngster, she sketched some cloaks for a friend that were subsequently produced and put up for sale, but these were a small matter of an afternoon's crafting of design ideas and not anything that she personally made. She doesn't make cloaks. If her old friend credited her ideas, then this was a kindness on his part. If that fact is too subtle for Elanthians to comprehend, she'll simply request that her friend remove her designs from his inventory.

She has never done custom work for a non-thief. She became aware in the past of an Elanthian citizen who won the chance at some custom work to be done by her, but because he was not one of the guild, she politely referred him to an acquaintance of hers - a leatherworker named Sirit Jyar who was happy to provide a lovely creation for the happy winner.

Really, none of this is particularly complex, and neither is the lady herself. She simply works to serve the guild she loves, and no other.

I'm sure she'd be pleased to know that any misunderstanding about her has been cleared up.