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Company Man Endlar Hartfeld
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: House of the Revenant Fang
Type: auctioneer

First seen at the House of the Revenant Fang 433 (2020) event. During this event, he ran the raffles.


You see Company Man Endlar Hartfeld, a Human.
Endlar has a charmingly symmetrical face with a stern countenance, calculating ice-blue eyes and the slightest hint of crow's feet that soften his otherwise serious features. His blue-black hair is naturally peppered with grey around the temples and is uniformly coiffed in a dramatic side part. He has pampered skin and a slender yet athletic build.
He is quite a specimen for a Human.
He appears to be in his prime.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a padded titanese shirt with slim Imperial weave ties, some dark encompassing shadows of twilight dreamweave, a pair of titanese pants belted with a swathe of Imperial weave and some polished leather traveler's boots.