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Male and Female Kaldar Description

Physically identical to the Gorbesh, the Kaldar are as much a political party as a race. Desiring a purer and more natural way of life where individual heroism and honor can be valued -- as opposed to the regimented army-camp existence of the Gorbesh Empire -- they followed the Gnomic prophet Trimbolt in a mass migration to the Dragon's Realms.

Terrible to behold in a melée, the Kaldar laugh at the storm and sneer at those who would shiver behind civilized walls during the winter. Within the Kaldar society the path of magic is frowned upon since, to their minds, it is better to go the path the gods intended for their naturally tall, strong peoples.

Kaldar take offense to the proposal that they are little more than glorified Humans. Kaldar consider Humans to be over-civilized and under-exercised -- in a word, "soft". The Kaldar society co-existed peacefully with the Gnomes, the stronger, taller species acting as much-needed defenders and protectors. Kaldar like the cold, and enjoy taking icy-cold baths in the middle of winter.

Character Creation

The figure chuckles as you gaze at it. "I am a Kaldar, though some consider me little more than a glorified Human. Obviously the originator of such thought was probably him- or herself a Human who was jealous of my strength and stamina. Humans may be diverse, but in combat they cannot hope to best a Kaldar. We are terrible to behold in battle, having been weaned on it since childhood. Cities cannot hold us -- we laugh at the storm and sneer at those who would shiver behind walls during the winter. If you want to be raised soft or waggle your fingers at every shadow that makes you whimper, be born a Human or an Elf. If you want strength and determination, choose me!"

An aura of mystery surrounds this tall, limber figure. While at first glance it seems little more than Human on a grand scale, the Kaldar is endowed with a stalwart spirit that reminds you more of the Dwarves. Sardonic humor lurks in its eyes, coupled with a sense of determination and unfaltering will.

Racial Statistics

Statistic Starting TDP Mod
Strength 12 -1
Reflex 10 0
Agility 10 0
Charisma 12 -1
Discipline 10 0
Wisdom 8 +1
Intelligence 8 +1
Stamina 10 0


Kaldar live longer and develop slightly more slowly than the Human norm, living up to 135 years. Other than their developments being a touch slower, they develop and decline in the same pattern as Humans.

Normal Longevity People See
0 to 14 0 to 14 a child
15 to 25 15 to 25 young
26 to 44 26 to 44 an adult
45 to 59 45 to 80 in his prime
60 to 70 81 to 116 middle-aged
71 to 81 117 to 136 mature
82 to 92 137 to 156 venerable
93 to 103 157 to 176 elderly
104 to 114 177 to 196 aged
115 to 125 197 to 216 wizened
126 to 135 217 to 235 ancient
136+ 236+ archaic


Racial minimum and maximum heights by gender:

Minimum Height Maximum Height
Male 6.5 feet 8 feet
Female 6.5 feet 8 feet


Average lifespan: 100 years
Maximum lifespan: 135 years


Average gestation period: 10 Elanthian months

Kaldar can conceive children with the following races:

Points of Interest

  • Albaria: Home of the Gorbesh, their wicked cool gods, and some other races.
  • Gorbesh: Informational page on the Gorbesh, the beginnings of the Kaldar, and tidbits of religious lore.
  • Symbol of the Kaldar: Long ago, a symbol was created by players to represent the Kaldar.
  • Gorbesh Calendar: Information regarding the Calendar system used by the Gorbesh.
  • Remembrance (book): A First Person Definition of the Gorbesh by Elder Duveus


A look at ancient Gorbesh traditions kept alive by the Kaldar (and Gnomes).

Language Information

Religion Information

Special Commands


These materials have a cultural connection or history that originates with Kaldars.

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