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Dorraent Kuthvaz
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Therengia

Lord of House Kuthvaz.

You see Lord Dorraent Kuthvaz, a Human.
He has violet eyes. His amber hair is short and thick, and is worn loose.
He has fair skin.
He is young for a Human.
He has some light stubble on his face.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a darkened silver ring set with the crest of House Kuthvaz, a black cyclas embroidered with the image of a single silver feather beneath a golden seven-pointed star, a hooded silver paludamentum clasped with a single gold button, some black woolen breeches, some deep ebony leather boots with engraved silver toe caps and a finely tailored shirt.