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Falstad Theren
Status: Dead
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Paumar

Falstad Theren I was the Baron of Therengia when Dzree died. Falstad and the king of Kwarlog fought together to eradicate the Dragon Priests from Therengia. Falstad reclaimed his ancestral throne. Falstad's son, Paumar, succeeded him and became a historical disgrace. Falstad's victory over the Dragon Priests is now celebrated every year in Therengia on Shosandu, the New Year.


65 BL --Jeladric Theren I dies
65 BL --Varahad Theren becomes Baron
27 BL Falstad Theren is born
3 BL --Dzree dies
3 BL --Neithrel escapes from his imprisonment
3 BL --Baron Falstad of Therengia and King Baulsir of Kwarlog lead a united army against the Dragon Priests in the north
3 BL --Ferdahl Alec leads the Elotheans against the Dragon Priests in the south
45 AV --Baron Falstad I dies
45 AV --Reign of Baron Paumar Theren begins

From Northern Customs

The seers of the land knew when that chance had come. It was an omen from the gods. Just as they had battled the World Dragon and sealed it away, so to would their children battle the spawn of that defeated beast. The Conqueror's Banner lit the sky again, and that night Dzree died. Revolts broke out across the Dragon Priest Empire simultaneously. Ferdahl Alec the Phoenix led the Elotheans and Elves in liberation of Ilithi, Neithrel and Savrin led the people of Leth Deriel to fight the Dragon Priests in the nearby regions, and the young Baron Falstad, descendant of Bamiec, with minor assistance from the Dwarf Baulsir defeated the Priests in the north.

From The History of Therengia

Dragon Priest rule was long and painful, for all. When High Priestess Dzree met with her ill-fated demise, uprisings began across the land. A new Ferdahl rebelled in the south. Bards joined with Forest Elves.

Gor'Tog tribes came down from the north to strike at the heart of the Dragon's Empire. House Theren rallied the people of Therengia, and they rose up to destroy the Priest garrisons and monsters, and the Baron Falstad reclaimed his ancestral seat.

Regrettably, this honorable Baron passed away, and his fool of a son took the throne (we shall not speak his name; he has since been condemned by each Baron to rule Therengia). Believing that in its defeat House Theren had been shamed, the boy decided that not enough war had been waged. Pointing to the doctrines of Lanival, he stated that all of Therengia should be under Theren's rule, and marched his army to attack Gemfire. This is the most tragic point in Therengian history.