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Status: Dead
Guild: Trader
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Type: alterer

Lahkia is a Merchant alterer who amongst other things is known to alter the coin cases.

Lahkia will not work on magical items and charges extra to work on weapons and armor.


You see Artisan Lahkia, a Human Trader.
Lahkia has pointed ears and grey eyes. Her amber hair is short and thick, and is worn tousled. She has translucent skin.
She is in her prime for a Human.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pearl-edged haircomb, a pair of silver filigree earrings with dangling crystals, some silvery hose accented at the ankles with sapphire flowers, a soft suede haversack, a billowing silvery silk shirt with ruffled cuffs, a silver bangle bracelet strung with diamond and silver heart-shaped bells, a wide silver knotwork ring displaying a vibrant blue topaz, a dark blue suede belt with a large silver buckle, a full dark blue suede skirt with lace-trimmed petticoats and some silver-buckled shoes.


Walked the Starry Road when the Estate Holder Trading Fleet sunk.