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Esuin Jaleven
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Crossing Cleric Guild (Ranik Map 1e)
Type: guild leader
Relatives: Emuin
Tasks: delivery
Esuin Wiki.jpg

Esuin Jaleven is the current Crossing Cleric Guildleader, succeeding Tallis upon her promotion to High Priestess. At the time he was appointed there was much concern as his brother, Emuin, a known necromancer, had just caused the guild some embarassment.


A tall man sporting hazel eyes and amber hair, Esuin Jaleven is a proud, friendly man, the quiet head of the Crossing Cleric Guild. Taking office after the departure of lady Tallis, now High Priestess of the new Crossing Temple, Esuin continues to teach the ways of the Gods to both fledgling and veteran clerics with a passion that displays his utmost devotion to the immortals. In direct relation to this devotion is the Guild Leader's will and desire to help the various people of the Realms, whom he believes were put into the Cleric's care by the Gods themselves.

Esuin is surprisingly young for the position he maintains, although the way he carries himself and the aura of authority that emanate from his person is so inspiring one would most likely not register this fact. He dresses simply yet elegantly in garments befitting a man of faith. His manners are friendly and comely, and yet he sometimes displays a certain tension - a strain that shows whenever he finds himself troubled. Whether it is a reaction to his responsibilities as a relatively young Guild Leader, or some other personal trouble, is currently unknown.

"One never feels unwelcome when stepping into Lord Esuin's world. He has an aura that betrays his wisdom, and his stare speaks volume about his devotion to his guild and his duties. A most revered mentor and leader, and yet one can only wonder at the shadows that sometimes darken his benevolent eyes..."
-Excerpt from Leading Souls of the Guilds, by Alexsei Krauser


You see Guildleader Esuin Jaleven, a Human Cleric.
You cannot make out his features with the clothing he is wearing.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a silver-edged dark spidersilk pouch, a deeply cowled monk's robe and a pair of black leather cord sandals.

Conversation Topics

  • TEMPLE: Esuin nods to you, reverently speaking, "After the barbaric Gorbesh destroyed our previous temple, by Tamsine's blessing we built a new one in its place -- grander than any which Elanthia has ever seen! The High Temple is considered the heart of our religion by all, the bastion of our faith."
  • ALTAR: The leader Esuin looks at you and nods. "That which was destroyed was restored." Esuin falls silent, head bowed.
  • CEMETERY/NECROPOLIS: Esuin looks at you with sadness, "I can tell you about the Necropolis of my previous home, Aesry Surlaenis'a. A great pity that place; we were torn between what held us there and what would devour us, our souls and all. Something woke there, <cleric>, something we struggle to keep at bay, though it calls the dead walking again and again. Beware it, or be prepared to battle for your life and soul. We will not surrender to that which seeks to devour us, never, and never will it claim that sacred ground for itself completely."
  • NECROMANCY: Esuin's face grows dour, eyes flickering with indignation. "All, all Immortals despise that foul magic, <Cleric>, even the darkest. Its products -- the undead -- are mockeries of the divine's creations and corrupt the cycle of Life and Death. Necromantic taint festers deep in the soul, which brings utter spiritual ruination sooner or later. As a holy servant of the gods, you must be especially careful to remain pure in the face of such evil, lest you become unclean and unworthy in Their eyes."
  • WREN: Esuin gazes at you thoughtfully and nods, "The Wren is considered an omen, a portent of the future. A symbol of Faenella, yes true, but even more, a symbol of her grace and power. Very unusual to see a wren, especially in the winter."
  • EMUIN: Esuin turns pale a moment and then nods. "Yes, you speak of my brother. What can one say, a great thinker, tempted by power, in the end undone by what he most feared. I believe in the end, salvation he attempted, and salvation gained. But that is perhaps not for us mortals to know."
A tremble shakes Esuin's right arm, and as he stills it, he asks, "Did you know him? I hope you knew the best of him."