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Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Associates: Mortreyu
Relatives: Demosel

Important figure early on in the Mirror Wraith Prophecy. Found the trapezoid, a powerful artifact important in the Deceiver device. The trapezoid, however, slowly drove him insane. Was eventually killed by the Y'shai Erdanos.

Demosel's brother.

Killed Mortreyu, his first victim, who had fixed the trapezoid for him. Often used trapezoid to steal souls of children. The trapezoid was created by Erzebet as a "key" to the tomb in Southern Therengia which contained a semisphere. The side effects (insanity) were intentional.

Had a semisphere - polished brass about size of tog's fist with a rectangular indentation on the flat side at one point. Grell took the semisphere when he killed Andraethu.

Rigby's summary

Meanwhile, Andraethu returned, feeling as though he'd been "enlightened." His claimed that he had used his trapezoid device upon a granite statue somewhere southwest of Langenfirth, and that this resulted in his gaining an artifact known as a brass semisphere as well as the destruction of the trapezoid. Still caught in his old ways, he killed a small child in Arthe Dale, and was in turn killed by a Bard for this act. Eventually, Andraethu made his way north to Riverhaven, where the Y'Shai inquistor Stavro tracked him down and killed him. As time went on, the semisphere device began to have some odd effects on Andraethu, giving him the ability to see the future. With this grim foresight, he took under his wing another small child in Therenborough, determined to keep him safe from what Andraethu had seen. He failed, and succumbed to temptation, killing this child as well. Most unusually, it was Grell who came to Andreathu that day, killed him, and took the brass semisphere - the trapezoid was nowhere to be found, and some suspect that a Moon Mage adventurer now possesses it. Andraethu, drained of favors, walked. Grell took the brass semisphere to Gylwyn, who, oddly nervous, convinced him to turn it over to the Moon Mage Council. He reluctantly agreed, and Council Member Elvaka claimed the device.

#138 a Famous Faces Andraethu card

Sociopath, murderer, puppet of fate -- Andraethu has been called all of these and worse. Younger brother to Fateweaver Demosel Dez'Madielle, this villain is best known for the deaths of three children during a time of crisis known as the Mirror Wraith Prophecy. His role extended much beyond this, being the one who attempted to slay Grandmaster Taramaine as well as the fool who awakened the first portion of the Deceiver artifact. In the end, Andraethu was slain by the Y'Shai Erdanos for crimes against the Moon Mage Guild.