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Avant D'Sel
Status: Alive
Guild: Paladin
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Mer'Kresh (Ranik Map 107b)
Type: guild leader
Paladin Guild Leader on Mer'Kresh.


Tall and sinuous, Lady Avant is a beauty despite her advanced age. Long auburn locks are flecked with gold and silver and are pulled back in a soft knot revealing a pair of piercing eyes the color of a sparkling sea. Though the corners of her mouth are upturned with a hint of mirth, her gaze can pierce one's very soul, revealing its true weaknesses. Simple and elegant, Avant's attire includes a sweeping cloak of midnight blue, over a crisp white jerkin and supple riding boots trimmed with platinum. A simple leather harness rests at her side, the glint of an engraved silver hilt just visible.


You see Guild Leader Avant D'Sel, a Human.
She has crystal green eyes. Her auburn hair is long and wavy, and is worn braided. She has tanned skin.
She is middle-aged for a Human.

She is wearing a swirling lavender spidersilk skirt shot with silvery threads, a thick platinum bracer with a soulstone embedded in the center, cuffed black riding boots, a serviceable leather harness, a simple platinum ring bearing the Mark of Honor, a crisp white linen chemise, a sweeping midnight blue cloak with a large pearl clasp, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a leather field satchel and some burnished articulated field plate.


[Paladins' Guild, Lady Avant's Office]
A long room, appointed with dark hardwood mouldings and a beautiful woven carpet, the office exudes a quiet sensibilty. A massive cherrywood desk commands the far end of the room, the long walk agonizing to any young squire summoned to speak with the Guild Mistress. In each corner of the office, a large iron stand supports a fat, scented candle nestled among silver ivy vines. You also see the Paladin Guildleader Avant and some stone steps leading back to the main hall.