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Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: Fire Lion
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Associates: Lanival, Uthmor, Lirisa

Military leader serving under Lanival. Close friend of Uthmor. Red hair and blue eyes, popular with ladies. Rumored to have been lover of Lirisa. Very skilled mage, particularlly with fire. Established first guild of the Realms, the War Mage guild (note: first guild re-founded after collapse of Empire). Died in Crossing a week after Uthmor, of old age, in 204 AV.

Trading Card

Not much is known of Arhat's origins, but when war broke out, he emerged as one of Lanival's top commanders. Known as the "Fire Lion," his mastery of Elemental Magic was unrivaled, and in addition to leading Lanival's armies, he took it upon himself to train its magicians. Following the war, Arhat decided to centralize the magical training, and so he formed the Warrior Mage Guild.

Lady Atladene's Salon Painting

Found in the parlor of the Estate Holder salon in Shard:

The majority of the heroes are those who served in the Resistance Wars with Lanival. Nissa poses upon a hillock, a kitten in her lap, while Arhat stands high upon a rocky promintory, his fists full of lightning and a wild look in his eyes.