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Chelia Redthorne
Status: Alive
Guild: Trader
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Ratha

Chelia Redthorne is the daughter of Varne Redthorne, who head of the Council of Nine of Ratha. As such, she is a rich and pampered girl that by all outward appearances is obsessed with money, fashion, and petty gossip. She has a strong and obvious liking for the color red, and refuses to wear clothing or makeup of any other color.

In reality and contrary to her outward appearances as a bubbly airhead, Chelia has a shrewd business sense, and has sought and still seeks ways to move up in the world through any means necessary. Very few know of this side of her - particularly those among the Council - and she actively works to make sure no one does save for those she wants to know about it. Among her private retinue are her official Steward Magmus and, secretly, Caelumia.

On a basic level, Chelia functions as a liaison, arranging everything from intimidation of troublesome Harbormasters to arranging more convenient trade routes (such as the dock at Ain Ghazal) to smuggling goods. She rarely dirties her own hands, preferring to delegate any potentially messy tasks to her subordinates. Not a soul outside a precious few know of her nature beyond the shallow exterior she projects, and she is very careful to make sure no one finds out or suspects a thing.

Chelia seems to be working for or with someone, or multiple someones, but who this may be remains to be seen by anyone, even those close to her.