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Kerehald Theren I
Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Unknown

Baron of Therengia, ca. 186 BL - 103 BL.


191 BL The Dragon's Empire is established
190 BL Riverhaven falls to the Dragon Priests
189 BL The Baron's Guard battles the Dragon Priests near present-day El'Bain's Stop
188 BL The Baron's Guard are defeated south of Therenborough's walls
187 BL --Baron Bamiec and his soldiers flee Therenborough
--Therenborough falls to the Dragon Priests
186 BL --Baron Bamiec is executed
--Young Kerehald Theren is carried away
103 BL --Kerehald Theren I dies
--Jeladric Theren I becomes Baron