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This item was introduced during the 410 Hollow Eve festival (2013).

Physical Properties

Per GM Persida: Alshabi stone - This is a rare, bright orange-pink translucent gem with light mossy green speckles. Most frequently carved into elaborate shapes or cut into simple cabochons, alshabi stones are considered good luck by workers in the Turmar family's gem and metal mines in Zoluren, as their rare appearance within a mine is thought to protect against cave ins and herald new discoveries of rare metal veins. This folk belief has spread to carrying talismans crafted from alshabi stones to aid in mining endeavors. 'Alshabi' is the Gamgweth word for 'seeker'.

Must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Dark iron belt knife set with a small alshabi stone in the pommel's centerAbandoned Dragon (2)true
Dusty serpentine-hide mining supplies bag edged by folksy alshabi stone talismansLimited Treasures (1)true
Elliptical leather pendant displaying a tiny alshabi stoneHollow Eve Festival 417/Rafflestrue
Harlequin eye mask painted with iridescent blue and orange diamondsAerial Artistrytrue
Massive claymore capped with an alshabi stone and haralun orbHumanist (3)true
Nomlas-shaped bones of smooth Ilithian cedar inlaid with alshabi stoneLaughing Nomlas (1)Laughing Nomlas (2)true
Pale pink alshabi stone jar shaped like an eggHollow Eve Festival 425/AuctionJacinthe dragonfire brocade makeup reticule suspended on silversteel chainstrue
Smooth kapok viola with a fingerboard of crushed alshabi stoneMusiceum (3)true
Thick leather boots with alshabi stone and kertig bucklesNatural Beauty (1)true

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