Stare command

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The STARE command is used to roleplay long looks at people, places, or things.


You stare blankly into the distance.
<Person> stares blankly into the distance.
  • STARE <self>
You stare meekly at the ground in a moment of embarrassment.
<Person> stares meekly at the ground in a moment of embarrassment.
  • STARE <creature>
You stare blankly at a <creature>.
<Person> stares blankly at a <creature>.
You stare pensively into the distance, lost in introspection.
<Person> stares pensively into the distance.

Racial Stares

  • Dwarf: <Name> fixes <person> with a gruff, unwavering stare.
  • Elf: <Name> fixes <person> with a serene, lofty stare.
  • Elothean: <Name> fixes <person> with a calm, clear stare.
  • Gnome: <Name> fixes <person> with an acute, keen-witted stare.
  • Gor'Tog: <Name> fixes <person> with a heavy, ponderous stare.
  • Halfling: <Name> fixes <person> with an incredulous stare.
  • Human: <Name> fixes <person> with a frank, even stare.
  • Kaldar: <Name> fixes <person> a proud, defiant stare.
  • Prydaen: <Name> fixes <person> with an intent, predatory stare.
  • Rakash (not in moonskin): <Name> fixes <person> with a solid, steady stare.
  • Rakash (moonskin): <Name> fixes <person> with a sharp, wolfish stare.
  • S'Kra Mur: <Name> fixes <person> with a cold, reptilian stare.