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Male and Female Elves Description

Elves are aloof and mysterious, much like the natural forces they consider themselves to be the living extensions of. Quick-witted and light on their toes, there are very few Elves who don't have a trace of mischief -- whether benign or otherwise -- sparkling behind their eyes. Many older Elves genuinely dislike Humans for their past tendencies to upset the schemes of the Elven peoples and, indeed, the Human race's shorter lifespan no doubt adds friction to the relationship between the races. Where Elves can lay down plans that span decades, Humans rarely have the patience for such gradual progress. Their frustration is both amusing and annoying to the Elves.

Character Creation

The Elf figurine speaks in a voice light in tone, yet deep with age and wisdom: "Elven am I. Not as bulky as the Dwarves and not as strong as the Humans, but faster than both and smarter. Speed and agility are ours, both in the mind and the body. We are children of the living world: all the sides of nature define us, from the hard beauty of the snowy wastes in the mountains to the lush silence of the deepest, darkest forests. When all the other races have dwindled and died, the light of the Elvenkind will remain."

You regard the Elven form: A shade taller than the Human, it is willowy and graceful, aesthetically pleasing. The eyes sparkle with light-hearted joy, and a civilized air surrounds the Elf, a vital aura of age and refinement.

Racial Statistics

Statistic Starting TDP Mod
Strength 8 +1
Reflex 12 -1
Agility 12 -1
Charisma 12 -1
Discipline 8 +1
Wisdom 10 0
Intelligence 10 0
Stamina 8 +1

Racial Characteristics


Elves have the same life span as Dwarves but appear much younger. By the end of an Elf's life, he appears to be no older than a Human in his mid-50s. While Elves develop physically and mentally in step with Humans, they are not sexually mature until their 40s. Ancient stories claim that Elves "fade away" with old age, but this is merely an echo of old social conventions rather than biological fact. An Elf who dies of complications of age leaves a corpse.

DR-ARMIFER: They cannot reproduce until much later (at least 40, usually in their 100s), because Elves suck at this whole propagation thing. If evolution is involved, Elves are in serious danger of becoming a failed species.

Normal Longevity Elves See Others See
0 to 17 0 to 17 a child a child
18 to 60 18 to 60 young young
61 to 134 61 to 154 an adult young
135 to 208 155 to 248 mature an adult
209 to 281 249 to 336 patronly/matronly in his prime
282 to 354 337 to 424 distinguished in his prime
355 to 427 425 to 512 ancient mature
428 to 500 513 to 600 an elder mature
501+ 601+ archaic mature


Racial minimum and maximum heights by gender:

Minimum Height Maximum Height
Male 6 feet 7 feet
Female 5.5 feet 6.5 feet

These values are additions to a character's LOOK description which are available via Empathic Shifting:

Shifted Description Male Female
-3 tiny 6' 0" 5' 6"
-2 short 6' 2" 5' 8"
-1 slightly below average 6' 4" 5' 10"
0 average 6' 6" 6' 0
+1 slightly over average 6' 8" 6' 2
+2 tall 6' 10" 6' 4
+3 very tall 7' 0" 6' 6


Average lifespan: 400 years

Maximum lifespan: 500 years

Many historic Elven figures are reputed to have lived much longer.


Average gestation period: 8 Elanthian months

Elves have an amazingly difficult time procreating, even with another Elf. Once pregnant, it's not unusual for Elves to miscarry.

Elves can conceive children with the following races:

According to The Elven Folk, the children of an Elf and a non-Elf are born completely resembling either an Elf or the non-Elf race; there are no Half-Elves. If the child is born the race of the non-Elf, it will also possess the lifespan of that race, which is a source of grief for mixed-race couples.

Points of Interest

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  • Elven Clans Elves tend to hail from clans that reflect specific physical characteristics.
  • Ilithic Lexicon: an alphabetical, sortable list of all known Ilithic (Elven) words and phrases

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