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Macja Celendron
Status: Alive
Guild: Ranger
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Therenborough
Type: Outcast
Associates: Isleif, Gyfford
Relatives: Raenilar

Sister to Warrior King Raenilar and Princess of the Outcast Tribes. Was sent from the tribes to be a bride to Chamberlain Isleif and further secure Outcast relations with Therengia. That engagement was broken in favor of Baron Gyfford, with whom she eloped in the summer of 395. This engagement was also ill-fated, the Princess of the Outcast Tribes begun to suffer from what the Outcasts call visions. Coming to her in the form of nightmares, these visions would haunt her sleep and give her feverish sweats. The Baron and his people unable to aide her in dealing with her visions resulted in Macja returning to her people and Baron Gyfford calling off the proposed marriage.

Currently she is in the care of her acolytes with the Outcast Tribes and her brother is counseling her in how he dealt with his own visions.


You see Shield Maiden Macja Celendron, an Elf.
She has pointed ears and well-defined features that are set off by her brilliant, gold-flecked blue eyes. Set beneath elegantly arched eyebrows, her sooty lashes dramatically enhance the intensity of her eyes, making her gaze seem impenetrable. Her golden brown hair is waist-length and wavy, worn pulled back with a glittering silver headband. She has tanned skin and a slender build. She has a tattoo of a flame-wreathed lion on her right shoulder.
She appears to be young for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a serrated-edged scimitar with a dragonwood hilt in her right hand.
She is wearing a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a glittering silver headband with streaks of fire opal, a ruby-edged platinum locket, a sweeping black Elven silk cloak embroidered with a spiraling band of golden flames, a soft leather thigh quiver edged in gold, a black dragonwood longbow with a leather-wrapped grip, a clinging gown of shimmering gold with a firesilk underskirt, some black battle leathers emblazoned with a flame-wreathed lion, a glittering gold shield inlaid with a fire opal dragon, a beaded wrist pouch and some dainty spidersilk slippers laced with golden ribbons.