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Raellia Simivi-Dson
Status: Dead
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Associates: Grishnok, Jourok, Jomay, Callava
Relatives: T'Kiel

Raellia was part of the alliance formed with Grishnok, Jourok and Jomay. She hired Callava as part of a plan to discredit her sister, T'Kiel.

Once a well respected Barbarian 'Pit Master', Raellia fell from the good graces of the guild when it was found that she was the mastermind behind the infamous Barbarian assassinations performed by the Gnome Callava, during the Sorrow War. Raellia wanted power and felt she could do a better job than her sister as a Guild Leader, most of her actions were an attempt to discredit T'Kiel.

This information was discovered after the death of Callava. Raellia was exiled by her twin sister the SCC Barbarian Guild Leader T'Kiel and replaced by Yutwian. Raellia holed up in the mountains along the Southern Trade Route throwing her lot in with the Outcasts. Seen only when her and her boys raid the local areas for supplies, she was eventually captured and imprisoned in Ulf'Hara Keep.


She has pointed ears and brown eyes.
Her golden hair is long and fine, and is worn tied back in an intricate five-stranded braid.
She has tanned skin.

Ulf'Hara Keep Destruction -- 17 Shorka, 410 AV

Raellia was one of the many who perished in the bombing of Ulf'Hara Keep by the Elpalzi.