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Morisidh Restulamavi
Status: Unknown
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Associates: Feolne


He has a triangular face with pointed ears and thick-lashed red eyes.
His white hair is very long and thick, and is worn tangled.
He has pale skin and a thin build.
He is average height for an Elf.
He is adult for an Elf.
He is wearing a long black linen coat with ivory buttons, a discolored silk shirt, a pair of black linen trousers with a hole worn in one knee and some knee-length leather boats covered in mud.

In very very poor health, constantly pained by being above ground, especially when it’s bright or hot out. Typically seen skulking around in Undershard and is tied to Feolne in a mysterious way.