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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Courtly Styles (1) (Ranik Map 42)
Type: merchant


The tailor is tall and thin even for an Elf. Fine blond hair cropped short and crystal blue eyes make his clan difficult to place. His clothing is spotless, trousers and shirtsleeves creased perfectly. Simple but well made boots shine from great care. Hanging around his neck is a cloth measuring tape, his only adornment except for a brushed gold ring on his left hand.


  • ASK about Paladin: Frahnz says, "Shiny metal, metal all over the place. They make noise when they walk! What self-respecting person of style makes noise when they walk?"
  • ASK about Thief: Frahnz shrieks and clutches his gem pouch tightly. Composing himself, he says, "I will admit black goes with anything, but a little color now and then wouldn't kill a person, would it?"
  • ASK about Bard  : Frahnz says, "Blue and white...haven't they ever heard of sage?"
  • ASK about Empath : Frahnz says, "Empaths know how to dress and dress and dress and dress. It's a challenge to find them sometimes under all that!"
  • ASK about Barbarian :Frahnz says, "Oh, I think I need to sit down. There was one that actually came in here the other day with a loincloth on! I had to close the shop down and clean it from top to bottom."
  • ASK about Trader : Frahnz says, "Now that is a group of people that usually know how to dress! Only the best I say, and some of them are my best customers, as it should be."
  • ASK about Francke: Frahnz says, "Francke? Now, that is someone that knows about fashion. I taught him everything he knows."
  • ASK about Theren : Frahnz says, "Now, honestly, Therenborough is about as far from being the fashion capital as we could imagine, but...the rent is cheap and I have a new mission in life."
  • ASK about Fashion : Frahnz lectures, "Now, this is something I know about. And you are definitely not in it. Change that hair! Where did you get those clothes? Did you even look at yourself in the mirror?"