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Status: Dead
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Associates: Isowen


You see Escaped Lunatic Sejaro, an Elf. Sejaro has a square face, pointed ears, milky blue eyes and a crooked nose. His black hair is shoulder length and thick. He has blue-veined skin and a thin build. He is tall for an Elf. He appears to be young. He has a scruffy growth of stubble on his face.

He is wearing some frayed and bloody head bandages, an ironwood quarterstaff topped with carved bone crows, a poorly made wooden crutch, a one-armed straight jacket with torn straps and tarnished buckles, a rusty belt knife with several notches in the blade, a pair of tattered pants, a leg iron with a several links of a thick rusted chain and some brown leather boots.


* A meteor streaks across the sky as Sejaro's soul departs forever to walk the Starry Road, stripped of its profane aegis.

It has been 404 years, 97 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

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