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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Kilam's Locks (Ranik Map 67)
Type: shopowner

The Locksmith Kilam owns the secret shop Kilam's Locks in Shard. Kilam's shop is in the basement of his twin brother Malik's shop, Malik the True Bard, Instruments and Picks.


Kilam is a plain looking, middle-aged, Elf. The type that most people wouldn't stop to give a second glance to on the streets of Shard. He wears an apron of thin greyish leather over a conservative black and silver tunic. Despite his nondescript appearance, he moves with a smooth easy grace and confidence which belies his harmless exterior.

Conversation Topics

Kilam has no notable responses other than to point out which page an item of inventory is on if you ask about it. His typical response to most things is: Kilam points at his catalog. "If it isn't there, I don't sell it."