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Status: Dead
Aliases: the Maiden
Guild: Empath
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Associates: Lanival, Arhat, Atladene
Relatives: Teiro

Nissa was Teiro's daughter, and a member of the Seven Star Empire's Elven Council. She began to grow suspicious of her father during the waning days of the Empire, but it was his murder of most of the other Elven Councilors that prompted her to betray him. She joined with Lanival's forces, offering her healing powers, as well as her wisdom. She died at her father's hands in order to save her love, Lanival.

Willow Walk Statue

Found in the Empath housing area of Willow Walk in Crossing:

The young Elven woman, her eyes filled with wisdom and pain, smiles reassuringly at the frightened child she holds. Though she carries no weapon, she wears full armor.
An alabaster figurine reads:

Lady Atladene's Salon Painting

Found in the parlor of the Estate Holder salon in Shard:

The majority of the heroes are those who served in the Resistance Wars with Lanival. Nissa poses upon a hillock, a kitten in her lap, while Arhat stands high upon a rocky promintory, his fists full of lightning and a wild look in his eyes.