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Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Muspar'i (Ranik Map 47)
Type: shopowner


Almalne is a Sand Elf woman with long black hair pulled up into a multitude of feathered braids which sway as she walks. Her skin is a deep copper color, a startling contrast to her blue eyes. She wears a sleeveless thigh-length tunic made of nubby silk in shades of gold and cream and peach, and some snug leggings tucked into cuffed boots. Her fingers bear pale calluses along the sides, the marks left by years of needlework.


  • ASK ALMALNE ABOUT SAND ELF: "I was born to them," Almalne drawls, "but was apprenticed to a clothier when I was but eleven years of age."
  • ASK ALMALNE ABOUT ALMALNE: Almalne raises her chin proudly, the motion setting her braids swaying against her back. "I was born to the tents of the Sand Elves, and lived with them for the first eleven years of my life. Until... I was the only survivor of the raid. They found me, wandering lost in the sands, the luckless one. I was apprenticed in the city, and remain here still."