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Status: Unknown
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Ilithi
Associates: Morisidh, Tilci
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Feolne is an outcast and allegedly insane Wind Elf. She is involved with the curse of the Shushu and is possibly its creator.

She is an evil spirit that inhabited Tilci, who was originally a Wind Elf, living in Horse Clan. Tilci is the woman as she was while she lived in the clan, while Feolne is the spirit. She was also engaged to one of the warriors of the clan, supposedly both were deeply in love. However, as her research into the transformation of beings progressed, the Clan decided she should stop. Unwilling or unable to do so, she continued her work, and was cast out of the Clan, her fiancée also leaving her. Many years past after her exile Feolne returned, having done much research with abandon. In a rage, she threatened him and when he refused to return to her, she attempted to transformed him into...a stag. However, a mistake was made, and rather than affecting the intended target, the spell hit a young man from the clan.

It is likely that Feolne is a spirit from the Royal Way, though it is doubtful that Tilci ever met the door, it is believed that something from Undershard drifted to the surface. Some artifact, perhaps a flute of some sort, she is believed to have mentioned of something else but not specifically.

She is rumored to have immense powers and is truly evil. Has some power over Morisidh and believed to be the much larger creature pursuing another creature in Undershard.

Widely believed to be involved with the Royal Way door and spirits trapped behind. This door was speculated to be opened at the hand of the Raenilar though this is somewhat doubtful at this time. Those that touch the door tend to go mad. The spirits seem to be a sort of collective consciousness that are very angry. They seem to be an assortment from different times and circumstances, though the main group of the spirits may have been laid down from some large event. The spirits have spoken of souls drifting to the area, being bound in some way. According to Getalva ‘But whether or not they were originally innocent spirits, the fact remains that they are quite malevolent, now. Perhaps they can be redeemed, but one has to work on the assumption that they cannot.’. As evidenced from what happened with Tilci/Feolne, it is possible that the spirits wish to inhabit the bodies of others.