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Derque Geratt
Status: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Type: alterer, merchant
Associates: Kymme

An alterer that worked in silver and glass. Currently, Snidley will redeem any vouchers by them.

Appearance at Ice Festival

You see Derque Geratt, an Elf.
He has crystal blue eyes, short curly platinum hair that is tousled, and tanned skin. He is young for an Elf.
He has some light stubble on his face.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a goblet of spiced red wine in his right hand and a small glass marble infused with bits of cobalt and ivory glass in his left.
He is wearing a stained bandage, an inlaid glass jewelry box, a slender onyx ring set with a crimson glass dragon, a slender wire earring set with an indigo flecked orb, a scuffed leather haversack, a heavy black cloak clasped with a linked copper chain, a scarred leather apron, a pair of shiny black leather boots, some tan suede breeches and an ivory linen shirt.