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Status: Alive
Guild: Trader
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Hibarnhvidar Trader Guild (Ranik Map 116)
Type: guild leader
Relatives: Isilshori


Guildleader Raelem is a tiny and seemingly ancient Elf with delicate ears that peek past long curls of grey hair and her sharp leaf-green eyes miss nothing that happens about her. Her dress speaks of the vast wealth of a merchant placed high in one of the richer trader houses, with satins and velvets that flow about her as she moves, wearing them with a grace born of the ages. Her face is smooth and belies her age except for small lines about her eyes. Her composure is the result of many years of self-discipline.


Raelem was originally stationed in the guild in Shard, but moved to Hibarnhvidar. The news announcement on play.net about the opening of Forfedhdar mentioned her new ventures:

"Trader Guildleader Raelem of Shard fame has been sighted in Outer Hibarnhivdar! Since her departure from Ilithi, she has been busy establishing a trader market, auction tent, guild hall, and of course, new trade routes to explore! Outer Hibarnhvidar grew up as a community of merchants, and the shopping shows it. Traders – come for the guild, but stay for the food!" [1]

There is a Dwarven foreman NPC in a rock garden inside the Hibarnhvidar Trader's Guild who supplies some gossip about her arrival:

[Hibarnhividar Trader Guild, Rock Garden]
The dazzling rock garden occupying the wide warehouse portion of this old brewery has been muted by the presence of a lone working still that takes up the western portion of the wall. Several Dwarven workers tend to the still, oblivious to the beauty of the arrangements of colored rock and crystal around them. Channels of water run through the garden both to further beautify the area as well as to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. You also see a Dwarven foreman and a low-cut door.

ASK foreman about Raelem:
"The old Elf? She's been here for a while now. She came through the pass in an ornate wagon all by her lonesome, walking into this broken down brewery as if she owned the place. Before we knew it, she really DID own the place," he chuckled. "The old gel is hardier than she looks...for an Elf...a right no-nonsense sort, although friendly enough to speak to. If she weren't an outsider, I'd reckon she'd fit in here, pointed ears or not," he finished, turning back to his work.

ASK foreman about garden:
"Eh? Oh, the rocks. That was the idea of her Traderliness. We weren't really usin' the area except for sellin' used barrels and scrap metal off the old stills, but she'd have none of that sort of business. To each their own, I suppose," the foreman shrugs, going back to work.