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Karstan Eredondo
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Crossing (Ranik Map 1)

You see Royal Curator Karstan Eredondo of Ulf'Hara Keep, an Elf.
Carrying his athletic physique stately and strong like a timeless statue, the well-favored gentleman bears sun-bronzed skin, complementing his thick-lashed amber eyes and hardened features. A slender beard traces the outline of his stern jaw as it blends into the soft mustache that attempts to hide his generous lips. Small golden hoops pierce the outer edges of his slightly-pointed ears, his long raven-black hair parted by a braided silver diadem mounted with a trio of brilliant Elamiri sapphires.
He is tall for an Elf.
He is a young man, his direct manner well-suited to one who has accumulated a vast fortune providing a number of private services along the fringes of society.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an elongated star-shaped key strung on a serpentine chain, an exquisite animite jeweler's loupe strung on a slender chain, a polished leather morawen with an ornate haralun katar secured to it, a slender golden parchment case with an oddly-shaped lock, a black buckskin pack, a gentleman's tailcoat accented with golden buttons, a black brocade waistcoat revealing a finely-tailored linen shirt and tied cravat, a heavy golden ring crested with an intaglio lightning amethyst, some black wool trousers and a pair of black leather boots secured with rows of florid golden buckles.