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Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Zaldi Taipa (Ranik Map 71a)
Type: shopowner
Associates: Jan Taipen


Jahtinit is one of the Wind Elves. She sells clothing, jewelry, instruments, and a box in a corner of the Jan Taipen's chadir in Zaldi Taipa, where she resides. Jahtinit appears to be the Jan Taipen's apprentice.


Tall and reed-thin, Jahtinit possesses the characteristic grace of her people. Her rather distant sea-green eyes are clear and calm, holding your gaze yet seeming to look right through you. Everything about her conveys her role as a valued member of a powerful household: her long silvery-blonde hair is braided with rows of iridescent quail feathers and cedar beads, and her wrists are clasped with bone bracelets bearing odd, spiky symbols. Her white kidskin tunic and leggings are boldly ornamented with the black-and-white patterned skins of woodpeckers, and their blazing red breast feathers edge her sleeves. As she moves about the tent, the beads in her hair clink softly, and the pleasantly mixed scents of sage and woodsmoke follow her.