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Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Darkling Wood (Ranik Map 68a)

Eothim is the Second of the Emerald Knights.


A young, thin Elf stands inventorying crates of arms and armor. Second Eothim's uniform hangs loosely on his slight frame and the collar seems too wide for his swan-like neck, but it is clean and neatly pressed. As his dark eyes scan the stockroom with the shining quickness of a bird's, he updates a ledger gripped in his soft hands. His pink, thin lips always appear pulled back in a taut smile and he speaks curtly with a reedy voice.


  • About himself:
Eothim smiles and lets a slight blush come to his gaunt cheeks. He says quietly, "Second Eothim to First Commander Fenhalut of the Emerald Knights. I keep our ranks armored, armed and fed while I learn the art of command from our great leader."
Nodding thoughtfully, Eothim says, "Yes, there are some Humans one wishes would just live longer. That's a fine and honorable ranger there." Looking at you with a touch of concern he says, "Do take care not to startle him, hrmm?"
Pulling his tense lips further back into a wide, slim smile, Eothim says, "Oh, yes Commander Fenhalut is a fine leader with a great appreciation for order. If you're looking for him he's out on the battlements.
Eothim sneers slightly but says in a polite tone, "He's a sharp eye and that's what his post requires." Leaning toward you slightly, he continues, "And it is well his post is in the open air as he's one of the least-washed Humans you'll encounter among the Knights."
With a sigh, Eothim says, "Those sutlers have been here as long as the Knights, but merry folk do not belong in battle. I can hardly blame them for running when the Arm fell, but others do."
Eothim looks down his slender, bony nose and says, "It is precisely his sort that fostered the malignancy growing in the canyon, foul Dwarf."
Eothim says with a slight grin, "Well some of our old scouts neither die nor retire. He's decided to continue his service in the form of ale. If you drink the stuff, let him know you're working the Wall."
Startled, Eothim stammers a bit before saying, "Necromancies and sorceries. Breaking the rules is what it amounts to." Small beads of perspiration appear on his ashen brow and he looks at you gravely. "Dzree broke the rules and see what happened? Those wrongs will not be easily righted."
Eothim's pallid complexion takes on an ashen tone. Nervously, he says, "That'll be quite enough of that. Human faerie-stories that's what they are." He nods affirmatively, "It's the Emerald Knights that defend this wall."


Eothim is in the Armory inside Corik's Wall, in Blackthorn Canyon (68a)