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Aedem Fyrsh
Status: Alive
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Type: pirate

Aedem Fyrsh, an Elven Pirate. Captain of the Black Star. War Mage, has an owl familiar.


Originally from Ratha. Was training to become a Cleric of Lemicus. Was kidnapped, along with his mother, by the pirate Saller. His mother died shortly thereafter. Later led a mutiny aboard ship, killing Saller with the help of Syeran. Spared the life of Allum, Saller's navigator.

The Red Sash Pirates

As captain of the Black Star, Aedem was generally a solo operator. At some point, though, he joined the Red Sash pirates. His advancement has been somewhat frustrated, however, by the fact that he is an elf in an organization in which the upper ranks are historically exclusively occupied by humans.

As part of the Red Sash, Aedem has been responsible for attacks throughout Qi. In these attacks, books and other papers have often been stolen. Documents taken include: military histories from Tusfaov on M'riss/Mer'Kresh; Rathan birth records.

Uncertain parentage

There are rumors that Aedem is the son of Misdilev Allvar. This is reinforced by translations of a captain's log in which a captive held by Saller is referred to as 'Adam Allvarson'. The captain's log can be found in Ilerthan's manor on Aesry.

It is possible that Aedem does not know for certain who is father is, either. Under his direction, pirates have raided a number of stores of records, possibly looking for records of his birth. Among those stole include: Sshoi-sson Palace's birth records from 262-264 AV; a manuscript about the Menhir Stones of Aesry; and the military histories of Mer'Kresh.


He has elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and piercing jade eyes. His thick brown hair is streaked with gold and tied back with a bejeweled shark tooth isael. He has deeply tanned skin and a lean build.
He is tall for an Elf.
He appears to be in his prime for an Elf.
He is clean shaven.

He is holding a skull-pommeled longsword with a crossbone guard in his right hand.
He is wearing a white silk shirt laced loosely at the throat and cuffs, a blood-red silk sash, a pair of loose black raw silk trousers, some slouched leather boots with deep cuffs, a leather baldric, a strand of shark's teeth, a gold hoop earring strung with an ivory skull and a heavy claret greatcoat with turned back cuffs.

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