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Kouzan Teirtu
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Type: alterer, shopowner

Owns Musiceum and can increase the quality of an instrument during an alteration session. Has very pointed views on zills.


He has a quintessentially angular Elven face, pointed ears, close-set milky blue eyes and a hooked nose. His cropped snow-white hair holds the tiniest bit of curl and almost seamlessly blends with his pale, slightly wrinkled translucent skin. He appears to be frail, but his hands are deceptively muscular. He is tall, but stoops slightly at the shoulders. He appears to be of an advanced age.

He is wearing some steel-rimmed spectacles fitted with smaller magnifying lenses, a knee-length leather work apron that covers an eggshell linen shirt, some meticulously tailored flat-front trousers of onyx zerarin wool and some polished black leather shoes.

Alteration Rules

  • Kouzan does not lifesculpt. It would take ages -- years.
  • Kouzan will work on lifesculpted instruments.
  • Kouzan prefers not to work on items from his own shop. They are already perfect after all. He might be swayed by a particularly good reason, though.
  • With very rare exceptions, any Kouzan alteration will increase the quality of your instrument. He IS Kouzan after all.