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Status: Alive
Guild: Paladin
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Paladin's Guild, Emporium (Ranik Map 91)
Type: Shopowner

Ethasru owns the Emporium in the Ratha Paladin guild.


Dressed in a simple linen gown, Ethasru smiles at you with bright silver eyes. Her Elven ears peek through honey colored tresses that flow down her back in waves. One alabaster arm beckons you to peruse her shop.

Conversation Topics

  • PALADIN: Ethasru looks puzzled for a moment and then blushes. "I'm so sorry! I must have mistakingly thought you were one."
  • RATHA: Ethasru fidgets for a moment and answers, "This place is full of surprises, and the lifts are fun!"
  • SHOP: Ethasru says, "I hope you like my goods. This is my first shop. Guild Leader Eamon was kind enough to assist me with setting it up".