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Keresyk si'Allvar
Status: Alive
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: M'Riss
Relatives: Emmilyn, Keirnen, Lindryl, Misdilev, Vorclaf

Keresyk si'Allvar (last name sometimes written simply as "Allvar")

Son of Keirnen and Lindryl and third in line to throne of Zoluren. Guilded Barbarian, Keresyk was Mayor of Leth Deriel, succeeding Anbreith who served as Regent until Keresyk reached majority. Succeeded by Arandus Linlaig.

As cousin to Vorclaf, Keresyk was named Heir Presumptive for Zoluren (Nov 24, 2002) by Prince Vorclaf at about the age of seven years. Upon the birth of Vorclaf's children, Keresyk moved to third in line to the Zoluren throne behind Belirendrick IV and Inavia in the event Belirendrick IV produces no heirs.

Keresyk's Rissan grandfather, Misdilev, is the ruler of M'Riss, consequently, Keresyk is also heir to that island nation, as well.

During the Outcast War on day 344 of the year 375, the heir accompanied the Zoluren Navy aboard the Leaping Dolphin as they engaged the pirate fleet transporting the Outcast Army to southern Zoluren. A hard strike on the Leaping Dolphin resulted in Lord Keresyk si'Allvar being washed overboard. Before the ZEF could swing around and rescue him, he was spotted being fished from the stormy waters by none other than Captain Aedem himself and remained in the Pirate's custody (Shark Clan). After the war In accordance with the treaty, the heir to the throne of Zoluren was returned (albeit through questionable means).

In his youth Keresyk had a preference for using a sling. Liohe acted as his tutor. He is hypersensitive to magic, becoming physically ill when exposed to it. i.e. Keresyk throws up when passing through a moon gate. He can not wear gweths because he is ill for days after. Magic Resistance may help alleviate these symptoms.

Effective the first day of the year 409, in the year of the Amber Phoenix, Keresyk officially resigned as Mayor of Leth Deriel, acknowledging that due to family obligations he has spent the majority of his time away from Leth Deriel. He has petitioned the Court to release him from obligations so he can devote himself to his family businesses on M’Riss. The Council regrets the loss of the good Mayor.


You see Keresyk Allvar, an Elf.
He has greyish-green eyes, slightly pointed ears and a fair complextion. His short dark russet has nearly turned to deep auburn and is neatly combed. Although he possesses a strong, sturdy build for an Elf, he moves with the grace associated with that race. He is as clean and well-groomed as you'd expect a boy his age to be.
He is a young adolescent for an Elf.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a bag of multicolored jellybeans in his right hand and a herb pouch in his left.
He is wearing a leather pouch, a full-sleeved black doublet with silver-hemmed slashing revealing a finely woven white linen shirt beneath, a finely-tooled short quiver embossed with seven pointed silver stars, an ebony short bow tipped with silver and carved with charging lions along the grip, a black onyx dagger sheath etched with a silver raven, a silver amulet, some black suede leggings, a celpeze-hide jerkin trimmed with caracal fur and some leather boots.