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Cysi Shoraes
Status: Unknown
Aliases: Horse Whisperer Cysi Shoraes
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Unknown
Type: alterer

Cysi no longer exists, and her vouchers can be redeemed at some other alterers.


You see Horse Whisperer Cysi Shoraes of Horse Clan, an Elven Craftswoman.
Hair a light auburn shade has been plaited into two Elven braids and allowed to hang loosely upon her shoulders. Thick-lashed, dark turquoise eyes peer about cautiously, taking in the area. She has lightly tanned skin and a lithe figure, carrying herself with athletic grace.
She appears to be wise beyond her years.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a dark leather headband adorned with three black feathers tied to leather strips, a dark leather longcoat with fringe cascading off the sleeves, a pair of worn dark leather saddlebags burned with the image of a horse in mid-stride, a tanned leather arca burned with the image of a horse in mid-stride, a white cotton shirt laced in the front with dark leather thongs, a low-slung dark brown leather hip belt, a light brown leather bullwhip with a gold horse-shaped handle, some dark tan buckskin pants with fringe along the seams and some dark brown leather riding boots edged with fringe.