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Status: Alive
Guild: Empath
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Shard
Associates: Nissa
Relatives: Edenlaen

Atladene currently runs the Estate Holder healing area in Shard, Lady Atladene's Salon, where she is available to heal wounded Estate Holders for a fee. She is Edenlaen's mother, a former Khalo rae Moda of Ilithi, current Khalo rae Aev, and one of the founders of the modern Empaths' Guild. It is, in fact, her memory of the discovery of Nissa's journal that exists in the orb in Dagreth's office.


Lady Atladene earned her title for the tireless hours she spent on the front lines of the Resistance Wars as a healer in Nissa's specially trained "Field Empaths" corps. Elven and well over five hundred years aged, the scars she wears from her many days heighten her beauty rather than diminish it, her waist-length red hair adorned with daisies and her gown of deep blue untouched by blood.

Vaalrin House Bust

Found in the upper hallway of the Ilithi-citizen house:

With her chin uplifted, the handsome features of the healer Lady Atladene gaze regally back at you from an exquisitely detailed bust. Even the complicated Elven knot that the hair has been carved into appears lifelike, if one could ignore the stone of its making.

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