Smoi leather

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Smoi leather at a Glance
Material Type Leather
Colors Frosty white, White
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance
Required for Alterations Yes

'Smoi' is 'husband' in Ilithic. Smoi leather is the name given to the result of any leather processed in one of the two main traditional ways of the Snow Clan of Elves. When the smoi process is used, the resultant leather takes on a frosty white sheen, regardless of the color it is dyed. The name is a reference to the Snow Elf concept of snow being the symbolic husband of the Clan.

Both smoi and helei leathers are reputed to be particularly suited for wear in cold climates, insulating the wearer heavily even when only a thin layer of the leather is used in a garment's creation.

Introduced at Droughtman's Challenge 426.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRarity is
Gigantic zweihander with a blued steel bladeDrathrok's Duskruin 426/Drathrok's Assemblage
Haledroth-tipped finivire pike staffDrathrok's Duskruin 426/Auction
Long leather thigh sheath tooled with a sundered shipAesthene's Close 445/Vaultend loot
Low-slung loincloth made from strips of smoi leatherDroughtman's Challenge 426/Incidental loot
Metallic foil scroll bundle bound in smoi leather strapsDrathrok's Duskruin 448/Incidental lootincidental
Pair of glossy black thigh boots crafted from smoi leatherHouse of the Revenant Fang 429/Incidental loot
Pale tan smoi leathers with a pebbled finishCultured Attire (5)
Reinforced niveous smoi leather coat edged with blackwork embroideryCultured Attire (5)
Self-help book entitled "You are okay... maybe, I think?" bound in smoi leatherDroughtman's Challenge 426/Incidental loot
Smoi leather coin purse resembling a rat with dragon's scale sapphire eyesDrathrok's Duskruin 442/Drathrok's AssemblageDrathrok's Duskruin 438/Drathrok's AssemblageDrathrok's Duskruin 435/Drathrok's AssemblageDrathrok's Duskruin 448/End LootDrathrok's Duskruin 446/Drathrok's Assemblageend loot
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