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Talako Machalus
Status: Alive
Guild: Thief
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Associates: Natashya, Tigron

Talako is a low level thug and member of the Thief Guild. He was employed by Natashya and Tigron as extra muscle during the Sorrow war.


You see Talako Machalus, an Elf.
He has dark eyes, short wavy black hair that is tied back, and pale skin.
He is young for an Elf.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a light white pine crossbow, a thigh quiver, a raw spidersilk cloak enshrouded with tattered webbing that frames the embroidered black spiders underneath, some black leather boots, some black tailored pants, a large sack, a hand-stitched traveler's pack, a black leather bullwhip, a leather cowl, some battered black leather gloves, a kyanite gwethdesuan and a jadeite gwethdesuan.