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Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Santazel's Lean-To (Ranik Map 107)
Type: shopowner

Owner of the repair shop on Mer'Kresh. Repairs all armor, weapons & tools.


Greasy-haired and dressed in a ratty tunic (made from real rats) this disheveled old Elf looks as though he might chew the nails he uses in his repairs. But, instead of nails, he chomps a half-smoked cigar, spitting and flicking ashes as he wishes.


  • Diwitt glances at you then asks with a leer, "You come here to give ol' Diwitt a kiss?
  • Diwitt pauses from his work to pick his teeth with a nail. After examining what he'd dug from his gums, he flicks the debris away and pounds the nail into a shield.
  • Diwitt pauses from his work and takes a deep puff from his cigar. He coughs, spits on the ground, and wipes his nose on his sleeve before picking up his hammer and going back to work.