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Tallis Elarial
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Crossing (Ranik Map 2b)
Type: High Priestess
Associates: Minerve, Mavinga

Tallis Elarial is the High Priestess and head of the Cleric Council. She resides in the Crossing High Temple. She was formerly the Crossing Cleric Guildleader, and was succeeded by Esuin. Her patron deity is Rutilor.


You see High Priestess Tallis Elarial, an Elven Cleric.

She stands tall and straight, though her years among mortals are many. Pure white hair frames an oval face alight with an inner fire. It flows down her back like the wings of an angel, almost to her feet. Soft blue eyes gaze calmly at you, untroubled and serene, though there is a depth that speaks of things she has seen and done that are beyond your ken. You are reminded of a maiden of the snows, pure and clean and lovely, yet not beyond the limits of mortals.

She is holding a snifter of applejack brandy in her right hand, and nothing in her left hand. She is clad in the simplest of robes which glimmer a clear white like a snowfield seen in starlight, a tiny golden-hued mongoose stitched upon the collar. A pair of simple bamboo sandals graces her feet.

Conversation Topics

  • TALLIS: Tallis gazes off in the distance, momentarily reflecting on something that happened long ago. A tiny frown briefly touches her lips. Lost in these personal thoughts, she closes her eyes, hiding the flicker of pain mirrored there. Suddenly she blinks and glances at you curiously. "I'm sorry, my child, did you ask something of me?"
  • ESUIN: You notice Tallis's eyes darken a bit and she turns her gaze away from you, carefully picking a non-existent piece a lint off the sleeve of her robe. She clears her throat and gazes at a point over your shoulder, not meeting your eyes. She frowns slightly and murmurs quietly under her breath, "Time will prove the mettle of that young man, I think."
  • EMUIN: Tallis turns and gazes at you thoughtfully, her eyes veiled. She forms her words slowly as she quietly and very carefully answers your query. "All of us have a road to travel. Some tread smoothly, while others stumble and fall. Which do you think matters more, how one travels this road, or the manner by which they end their travels?"
  • RUTILOR: Tallis's blue eyes light up and seem to glow with an inner fire, lending strength to her obvious faith. She states firmly, "Rutilor is he who I follow, my child. What better god as a guide than the defender of all?"
  • KOR'YVYN: Tallis smiles and says, "Ahhhhh, Kor'yvyn is the guild master in Ratha and one you would want at your side in time of battle."
She chuckles to herself softly and continues, "One would think with Kor'yvyn on one side and Innu on the other, one would never fall!"
  • JELNA: Tallis smiles with pride at the mention of her guild sister and good friend. Her blue eyes sparkle in delight, a secret smile tugging at her lips as she answers you. "Jelna is fine cleric and mistress of the guild in Riverhaven. Perhaps someday I can share the story of her fondness for honey and a beekeeper's son." Tallis chuckles to herself softly before she continues, "Or, perhaps not."
  • INNU: Tallis looks you straight in the eyes and simply states, "Not only is she a fine cleric and Cleric guild mistress in Aesry Surlaenis'a, she is also a brave fighter. It is said, she carries a enchanted blade that once belonged to Rutilor himself."
  • BRIVIBAS: Tallis smiles and her features soften as she answers softly, "Brivibas is a great teacher and scholar. If you chance to ever meet him, heed his words carefully, for from him one can gain much knowledge."
  • SOTHAVI: Tallis smiles at you and says, "Sothavi is the Cleric Guild Mistress in Shard. She is an excellent leader, who knows much of guild matters."
  • EYDTHA: Tallis sighs heavily, a flicker of pain briefly touching her eyes before she answers. "Eydtha is the guild mistress in Mer'Kresh." Tallis shivers a little before she continues, "My child, I will pray that you will never have to endure the torture that poor woman has sustained."
  • TEMPLE: Tallis glances behind you indicating the surrounding area and replies, "Do you speak of this that is about us?" She leans forward slightly and quietly asks, "Or is your query of the old temple of Crossings?"
  • OLD TEMPLE: Tallis sighs and quietly says, "Acolytes, still deep in their studies, would sit with the cleric elders in that once glorious temple. It was a gathering place for all the professions, a place of learning as well as worship."
Tallis pauses briefly, her voice lowers as she continues, "But the Gorbesh, they took that from us. And now the young only see this."
Tallis indicates her surroundings with a slight wave of her hand, and says, "It's huge, isn't it? One's soul could almost get lost here."
  • GORBESH: Tallis shivers slightly and her voice trembles as she says, "Pray that they do not return, my child."

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