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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Elf
Gender: Male


Inicarwu, in the Elven language, means "without heart," or "heartless."

Inicarwu, according to the story The Tale of Inicarwu and the Sulde Taala, was a vain and lustful Elf, the son of Zuzetu Zalbaldur, who empregnated the daughter of his clan's cheiftan and refused to take responsibility. Instead, he fled his clan and encountered the Sulde Taala in her horse form, who beat him in a race. Enraged at having lost, Inicarwu shot the Sulde Taala in the eye with a bow and arrow. As he was about to slit her throat, she transformed into a beautiful woman with dark eyes and long blond hair and told him that she would give him anything if he would spare her life. He said that he wished to have sexual relations with her human form, at which point she told him that he must first bring her the hearts of the chieftan's daughter and the twins with whom she was pregnant. Inicarwu agreed and returned to his clan, pretending to be a loving mate to the chieftan's pregnant daughter. When his twins, a boy and a girl, were born, he took them before the Sulde Taala and offered to murder them. However, the chieftan's daughter had followed him in a secret and, upon seeing him threaten her children, she sprung from hiding and gouged out his eyes, but Inicarwu managed to stab her in the stomach during the commotion. Enraged at his heartlessness, the Sulde Taala, in her horse form, trampled Inicarwu and exploded his heart, killing him.


Inicarwu is described as lean and muscular, with grey eyes and copper hair, and a decisive and angular jaw.