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Tomma Lycacist
Status: Alive
Guild: Ranger
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Ilithi (Ranik Map 71)
Type: guild leader
Relatives: Kalika


Tomma, the Guildleader, is a thin Elven woman with deep, dark green eyes that seem to envelop you when you look at her. Her hair is a golden-blonde color, braided into long flowing ropes that cascade down her back. A green tunic edged in tiny golden leaves of embroidery flows into her short doeskin skirt. Bare legs and feet seem to be a natural, given her impish smile. But as Tomma moves about the room, her confidence and obvious sense of duty quickly reminds you she holds the honored position of "Guildleader."


You see Tomma Lycacist, an Elven Ranger.
Tomma has pointed ears and green eyes. Her golden hair is very long and straight, and is worn arranged in an intricate Elven braid. She has fair skin.
She is adult for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a brass badge etched with a laurel and lion's claw crest, a dark green knitted cap, a tapered leather quiver with a slim green snake painted around it, a hunter's recurve bow with the crest of the Ranger Guild carved along the upper riser, a long mesh weapon harness, a dark leather forester's pack with the Ranger's Guild crest embroidered onto the back, a moss-green woolen tunic embroidered with golden leaves, some dark crimson battle leathers branded with a golden hawk and some knee-high moccasins laced with a braided green and gold cord.

Conversation Topics

  • GUILD:

Tomma giggles and smiles at you. "Rangers are like no one you have ever met, if you haven't already met one!", she says with a childish grin. "I have dreamed of being a Ranger since I was a child! To protect the forest and all the living creatures that call it home. To live out under the stars, away from the crowds and walls of stone. To be free to roam as you please without worrying about fences and borders. To be one with nature!"
"We don't need walls, beds, and city guards to protect us. We are sworn to protect nature and in turn, nature provides us with all we need."
Tomma gets a far off look in her eye. "If I could put it into one word for you it would be 'Freedom', freedom from all the hustle and bustle that fill city people's lives with that which in the end is unimportant." Forcing herself back to the here and now, Tomma focuses her gaze on you and sighs. "Look here if what Elanthia has to offer you is more important than self. Look elsewhere if greed or service to your fellow man is what you seek!"


She is the primary instructor of beseeches that require quests to complete.

To get into the Shard Ranger guild, "go underbrush" at the base of the shattered oak.

Circling to 100

Tomma briefly glances down at a leaf she was examining before speaking.

She says, "Everything on Elanthia reaches an age where it is matured. Flowers bloom. Deer lose their spots. You too have come to be at that point where you have finally matured. It is a great accomplishment that you should indeed be proud of. Where your destiny takes you from here lies solely in your hands."

She inhales hesitantly before speaking again. "Although my studies have taken me in a different direction and I don't have much knowledge of such things, you may wish to speak with my brother in the north and ask him about hunter's bows. He can teach how to properly carve one."

With that, she gives you a warm hug, "Safe travels, <Ranger>."