Wren Windflower

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Wren Windflower
Status: Alive
Guild: Bard
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Associates: Ponlahk, Rianalee
There are other pages that use the name "wren." Follow the link for more details.

Has been seen in and around and Crossing/Zoluren as recently as 2007.

Bard and central figure of the Gorbesh War. One of the last times she was seen during this war, she was being held in a wagon by Gitanah and Jeku.


You see Novice Wren Windflower, an Elf Bard
She has blue eyes, long thick dark brown hair that is braided, and fair skin.
She is mature for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a feathered charm, a white rose wristlet, an ebony journey pack, a cobalt wool mantle, a starry white narcissus, a circlet of tiny bronze wrens interlocked with thin copper strands, a carved flower-engraved pick, a Nisha short bow, some dark hunting leathers, a buttoned silk blouse, a silver leather sheath, a blue suede long pouch, a teardrop cambrinth pendant, some suede boots, a bronze medallion stamped with the image of a flying wren, a leather quiver, a deep-blue leather drum pouch painted with tiny singing wrens and a tailored doeskin skirt.

Appearance 12/12/14 at Crossing Bard Guild

You see Wren Windflower, an Elven Bard.
Wren has pointed ears and blue eyes. Her dark brown hair is long and thick, and is worn in an intricate braid threaded with a silver and steel isael and allowed to fall over one shoulder. She has fair skin.
She appears to be an adult.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a slender crystal pendant, a plain brown leather case, a black linen shirt with carved lapis lazuli buttons, a polished belt frog with a scimitar hanging from it, some rich brown brushed cotton trousers and some cuffed forester's boots.

Wren, from the collectable cards

Wren was a gentle Bardess of which not much is known. For reasons not entirely clear, the Gorbesh took a great interest in her and demanded she be turned over to them as they attacked the Crossings. Rumors circulated that this refusal caused the destruction of The Crossings Temple. Wren was subsequently kidnapped and tortured by the Gorbesh, but later escaped. She has lived in seclusion ever since.

Wren's Saga, by Candidus (March 14, 2001)

So this post does not turn into a novel, I will spare everyone most of Wren's history. People that follow events know what happened, and those that are interested can go to the Wren's Nest and read about her.

When last I saw Wren it was indeed in Crossing. I was one of the few poeple to last see her active in the Realms.

Wren was finally recovering from her tortures with the Gorbesh. She could speak well and play an instrument again. The only thing that she could/would not do was sing. Remember she was captured by the Gorbesh and held prisoner for about 2 Elanthian years. More on this I will speak in another post.

She had been having a series of dreams. During a three day period she mentioned several things that some of the people posting have touched upon.

She mentioned to watch for Silver, Black, Lark, and Thorn(e). Either in items, birds, or perhaps in names of people. She mentioned a ship coming for her soon to take her home, something she called "A Ship of Songs."

Blacklark's interest in this is obvious. And I hope you are not upset at me for first turning you on to this Blacklark since nothing has happened with it in so long. <G>

Around this time I introduced to Wren another person that I thought might be involved in this: Gabriel Blackthorne. I probably do not need to speak of who Gabriel is to most people that follow events.

But Wren eventually slept and did not return. Gabe went off questing as is his fate, and has not been back for a few years now.

Before Wren left though she had composed a song with these dreams as the inspiration. This song was especially meaningful to Gabe, and those that know a bit about his history will know why. If you don't, then go read The Journeys of Sir Peregor.

The lark in the morning
Our sweet rest does leave
With his shout of far warning
Then shall the dreamer weave.

The heart of the thorne
Holds a secret and a key
With his touch those forlorn
Find the song to set them free.

So waters lift
And waters drown
And larks will learn to fly
And treasure lost is newly found
By the thorne that shall not die.

The silver and the black
Like stars across the night
Sound weeping strings that snap
And a circle joined to fight --

So waters lift
And waters drown
And larks will grow to flight
And as the thorne is then unbound
So shall be won thy fight.

This speaks of some sort of conflict. Does Wren finally return home, possibly to Aesry? Does this, or other related events trigger a fight or war? Perhaps the Bard guild opening on Aesry is seen as a threat by the Ru'atin Peri'el?

However this may end, Wren needs to find peace. I have several ideas on how this might end but this is not the place for them.

Wren will be mentioned in other Event postings I will write on. But for now that is all.

Mysterious update on Wren, by Candidus (March 15, 2001)

Within hours of the Lute being stolen, an elven woman named Rianalee Gromentia appeared in TGSW and began a conversation. She said that she had some information for those that were interested. But only those with brave souls and deep pockets need be there.

She spoke of many things when we arrived at the alcove in Talbert's. Spoke about the Lute that had just been stolen. That we really did not know what we had down there. True enough.

Trynie asked if it was Faenella's Lute. Rianalee said that it was once Faenella's Lute, but that it has passed through many hands.

I suggested that it was Peri'els lute.

Rianalee said "Aye. She who keeps the Dragon asleep. And those who have kept her content and comfortable while humans were still learning which end of the sword is pointy."

Rianalee then went on to state that for a Price she will answer 5 and only 5 questions and turn over a Book Cover to a bard. Trynie was the bard that received the Book Cover and a Medallion. Trynie passed these items to myself when she left the Realms.

You tap a worn and tattered book cover entitled "History of Aesry Surlaenis'a: by High Priestess Ilerthan".

You tap an onyx medallion hanging from a delicate silver chain.

Etched onto the face of the medallion, a king snake coils tightly around a lute.

The Book Cover is useless to anyone except a Bard according to Rianalee. Rianalee also went on to state that there are whispers of a Great Library that once stood near the Sentinels. This was before P4 so we were pretty clueless. Heh

Rianalee also said that according to Legend some of those books had been smuggled to Crossing. And that one person may know where the books are.

Waerd Azmu, a Gor'Tog Ranger. Mercanary for hire. So I hired him to find this Book. Paid 10 platinum for it. I could care less about the money, but I would love to hear what happened to him since he only returned once with a bit of information, then left again to attempt to obtain the book.

He has not been seen since. It has been close to 10 Elanthian years.

I have some more information that Waerd told me at our last meeting, but most of it is probably invalid now that so much time has past.

So what happened to Waerd? Where is this Book with no cover? What does it tell or do? What is the Medallion for?

Are there any clues to the Book within Priestess Ilerthan's closed home on Aesry? Do the Ru'atin Periel know of the Medallion?

These are the main Loose Ends that are left hanging with this Event.

Recent Events

Wren made a brief appearance at Lady Shantelle Trigomas' Hand of Friendship Gala in Therenborough in the Month of Akroeg the Ram, 391 , accompanying Guildleader Ezruh. She expressed a desire to travel and see the lands she had been long absent from before returning to her studies. Several veterans of the Gorbesh War who were on hand received personal thanks from the young Bardess for fighting on her behalf.

Other Involvements

Wren was assassinated by Tyrone, a member of the infamous organized crime organization known as Hing. Connections with the Gorbesh are rumored but unconfirmed.

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