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Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Zaldi Taipa (Ranik Map 71a)
Type: shopowner

Akhila is one of the Wind Elves. She owns the Falconer's Chadir in Zaldi Taipa, where she resides.


You see Akhila, a slim Elven woman with dark, gold-flecked amber eyes and shoulder-length chestnut hair that gleams with coppery highlights. Her cheekbones bear the delicate tattoos that indicate very high social status within the Horse Clan hierarchy. Radiating a pervasive serenity that serves her very well in her work with high-strung birds of prey, she is clad in a set of storm-grey hunting leathers and leggings that are seamed with ornate bands of red and black quillwork. A rabbit-fur lure is looped around her neck for handy access should she need to recall a wandering hawk, and from her belt hangs a falconer's gauntlet and a small leather pouch, both bloodstained with the bits of raw meat that she keeps on hand to reward her feathered students.

Conversation Topics

Akhila's amber eyes light up, then take on a distant look as though she is watching a hawk soar through some distant sky. "If you hunt with the birds, then you know how hard it is to convey in words. It's as though a bit of your own soul lifts into the air with your hawk. And when they peacefully share their kill with you, or drop from the sky and light on your fist at your signal...it's worth every hour of training and effort."

Zaldi Taipa Portrait

Found in the Chieftain's Chadir:

Precise lines render the detailed portrait of an Elven woman. Holding a proud, hooded falcon on one gauntleted fist and with her other hand resting lightly on the back of a white wolfhound, the woman's gold-flecked amber eyes are focused on some far horizon.
A small portrait reads:
"My love, my heart. Always. Akhila"