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Everelles Ihestian
Status: Unknown
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Type: child of kalestraum
Associates: Edantu, Orvdrue, Karosti, Ealuik

Scion Everelles Ihestian is a member of Kalestraum's Children, a Tezirite splinter group. Edantu and Orvdrue are part of the group. Karosti, Everelles, and Ealuik are the Scions. Karosti appears to be in charge. They shut down the divination bone sellers for a time.

Description, Fyearikloa'i Rensh'a Event Summary by Kelvena Nortune

Scion Everelles Ihestian
- One of Karosti's three Scions who seems to hold more power in the New Children of Kalestraum than the votaries. Claims her family was killed by the Moon Mage guild though no evidence of this has been found. Also resposible for killing Logaro for being too weak in his convictions for the New Children of Kalestraum.


You see Scion Everelles Ihestian, an Elven Moon Mage.
She has pointed ears and milky white eyes. She has cropped amber hair and fair skin.
She is adult for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a blackened oak shrew in a pewter setting, a rugged leather satchel branded with the silhouette of a shrew in flight, some deep ebony leathers embossed with a waning crimson moon, some black riding boots, a dark violet cloak clasped with a silver star, a black mask tooled with the looming visage of a shadow master and some leather gloves.

News From dr.warcry.com: Apr 2003

Posted by Wynder Apr 6, 2003, written by Athesa Trianny


Citizens of Crossing today experienced their second invasion in as many days as the three rogue Moon Mages collectively known as "The Scions" or, "The Children" descended upon the Northern Trade Route with hordes of their followers. Shortly thereafter, word was given that attacks were also taking place in Throne City, the home of the Moon Mage Council. The Scions attacked with powerful friends, including Shadow Masters, Shadefield Eviscerators, Emaciated Umbramagus' and Voidspawn.

The three Scions Karosti, Everelles and Ealuik were all heard on the GwethNet at one time or another. Ealuik was heard in Throne City bragging about killing the Council's Sleepers. It's unknown at press time whether or not he succeeded in this goal. Everelles and Karosti staged a raid on Tiv's Fortress, just off the Northern Trade Route, and apparently succeeded in stealing a powerful book which they claim brings them one step closer to their goal. Your author is currently attempting to gain more information on these fiends, and it will be forthcoming in tomorrow's issue.

In closing, The Daily News would like to commend the citizens of Crossing, Riverhaven, Throne City, and other locales for your brave defense. The battles near Dirge, Throne City, and Kaerna village surely taught "The Children" that we are not a people to be taken lightly. But this raises the question: Where are the troops of the Province? Will Prince Vorclaf be content to control the cities, even while dark forces ravage the countryside? Your author hopes not.

Until next time, Stay Alert-Stay Vigilant-Stay Brave.

~Athesa Trianny

News From dr.warcry.com: Apr 2003


This just in from our special On-The-Scene correspondant, Jenteal Aen'slaed.

As promised, The Daily News, your prime source for current events in today's hectic Elanthian world, brings you today a special report. With the recent attacks on Crossing and Throne City by the group known as "The Scions", we at the News feel its our responsibility to give the citizens an idea of who their foe is. To this end, We've brought on board a special correspondent, who is more qualified to speak about this matter. Jenteal Aen'slaed is a Moon Mage of the Progeny of Tezirah. As such, she is specially qualified to speak about the unfortunate events of the last few days, as well as give us information which may be crucial to defeating our common enemy. Tomorrow we shall return to our regularly scheduled news programming.

The three Scions, Everelles, Elauik, and Karosti who have so recently plagued Elanthia with their fowl presence are members of an underground Moon Mage sect, long thought destroyed, or at least rendered powerless. Obviously, this is not the case. We'll go in depth and look at why these people are here, and why they seek such destruction. To start with, I shall give you some background, and we'll progress in a timely manner from there.

It all starts with the famous Moon Mage, Tezirah. Tezirah was the leader of a sect called the Saesdorian Cabal. Upon Tezirah's execution for reasons which we shall not delve into here, her works were discovered by a Moon Mage named Kalestraum. Kalestraum and his followers, called "Kalestraum's Family", were fond of using sorcery, something that set them in opposition to most of the mages of that time. Eventually, Kalestraum's works became too much for his peers to abide by, and him and his "Family" were defeated by a cabal of Celestial Compact mages using experimental, untried magics. At this time, the group split into two distinct factions, The Progeny of Tezirah, which was the maintstream group and a recognized Moon Mage sect to this day, and Kalestraum's Children, the splinter group practicing obscene and blasphemous rituals.

This has all been forgotten for many years. Suddenly, out of nowhere, our cities and streets are attacked by these fiends. They claim no higher purpose except the sickest one of all, revenge. Karosti and his minions want revenge for the wrongs that they believe have been perpetrated against them, caring naught for the fact that it was their actions that brought destruction upon them.

Everelles is another story entirely. Her reasons for the chaos she's caused are more grounded in reality. It seems that her family was executed, although whether at the hands of the Celestial Compact mages or the Moon Mage guild itself is unclear. She has joined with Karosti to wreak her havoc and claim her revenge in whatever way she can. Little is known about the rest of this merry band, including Edantu and Orvdrue, but rest assured that as soon as information is gleaned, you'll hear it first in The Daily News.

This is all the information I've been able to scrape up on short notice, and while I know its not a lot, I hope it is enough to allow my guildmates to better defend themselves. Master Mortom put it better than anything I could possibly hope to do when he said "Our Guild is under attack, and it is up to all of us to protect it." I entreat all of you out there to remember this. Karosti and his "Children" have been defeated before and by presenting a strong, unified front, Gods willing, they shall be defeated again.

In Game News: May 2003

Attacks on Divination Bone Sellers

Stone Bones, the divination bone shop in Muspar'i has been closed due to a vicious attack by Scion Everelles earlier this week. Krrish, the familiar bone seller in Therenborough, was similarly accosted by the Scion today. As a result, both the shopkeeper and Krrish are no longer selling bones until the threat from the Children has passed.

News by Waveshell: Dec 2003

Talk with a Scion · on 12/19/2003

Scion Everelles was wandering around Aesry today, apparently looking for information about a moon mage who passed through the island a little while ago: Terbalen. Some gweth conversation back and forth.. not a lot of folks around (of course) so I wasn't in the know about all she was talking about with Taramaine, Throne City and Children of Karosti. Pity there wasn't a moon mage around to decipher what she was talking about.

Basically it sounded like she wasn't planning on staying and was heading back to the mainland. (Of course.. anyone can say that and do something completely different.)

Finally caught up to her again in Denison's Pub by the docks and just chatted about what she was doing, etc. Before she left, she left me a bit of advice:

Everelles says, "A piece of advice, if I may."
Everelles says, "The coming storm will only sweep over those who put themselves in its path."
Everelles says, "Good day to you."
(In other words: "Silly ranger - mind your own old buttons!")

Coming storm.. probably not to Aesry. ;) But just in case, might be good to keep eyes open for any of those folks - and attend Jarle's meeting if you can!

~ Wavie